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Posted December 12, 2018, 5:17 pm
4 units of flats built on a plot of land in arigbawonwo town in mowe ogun state
The front flats which is 3 bedroom and it is already buit on one wing of the building.
The back flats is mini flat.

The building is a story building that is yet to be completed.
The environment is developed and have access road to major road to mowe express.
It is 5 mini drive to mowe express

People are already living on the street.
Title on the building is survey and receipt.
Price #10m.
For more details contact living coast properties
08024995989 call and whatsapp.
Posted December 26, 2018, 1:28 pm

Migration is part of human nature,which is fundamental human right known as MOVEMENT, but it can be Limited by LAW OF EVERY COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD.

There are various ways ,you can use to obtain visa to various countries abroad.
The method are :
1)THROUGH INVITATION :you can get citizen of any country send you invitation letter.

2)THROUGH CONFERENCE:attending various conference as attendee or you attend as a speaker of the event.
3)THROUGH MARRIAGE:when you get married to that citizen of that country

4)THROUGH SCHOOLING (TRAINING):This is another ways ,you can use to apply for visa
5)THROUGH SPORT:various sports can make you travel abroad.

Different countries different method of application .
For application for us visa,their mode of application is different from other countries .

Us visa application require applicant to appear for interview and answer various question which the consular representing the us government will ask series of question.
When applying for us visa, there a lot of factors that must be consider such,


NOTE:Applying for visa is not 100% automatics however as a processing agent with many years of experience in processing visa to various countries, I with my professional team, assist applicant with latest update on the visa requirement and all necessary documents in order to meet the embassy requirement and prepare the applicant for the interview for us visa processing.

Stop wasting your money by doing try by error all the time.
You need information and information does three thing
It give you direction
It help you to discover danger
It give you clarity


Decide what country you want to travel to
Processing of visa usually take time so you must plan ahead
You need supporting document depend on what type of visa you are applying and country

You don’t need to know someone in abroad before you apply
Lack of preparation usually lead to failure.

Note:a lot of agent out there are after your money,they don’t care about your success.
Time to time embassies do review their policy and strategy how they issues visa and any agent using old school method will always get it wrong.

1)B1/B2 VISA : is for conference business meeting , tourist visa and invitation.
2)F1 VISA:This is a visa for students
3)K1/K2 VISA. :This is a visa for Fiance(e)/Marriage
4)J1 VISA:This is a visa for inter ship,exchange program
5)H2: This is visa for employment.

For your next visa processing ,USA,CANADA and other countries ,get in-touch with Mr Richard 08024995989 …call and what-app.

Visit my Facebook page for testimonies :FOCUS-HILLTOP AMERICA RICHARD.
Email: focushilltop2000@gmail.com
Office : 3 oduyemi street ikeja lagos.
I have free eBook for you about America visa processing.
Only applicants that are serious about visa application should get in touch.
Posted May 5, 2019, 2:47 pm
Goodday,you are welcome to 360 degree emn,we are real estate company and our office is located at 2A IYALLA STREET BESIDE shopright ikeja lagos.

I am mr richard,real estate consultant and I am introducing you to WEMABOD ESTATE,that is located opposite MFM prayer city at MAGBORO ,just few minute drive from Berger lagos.
The estate have residents living inside the estate presently
The estate have motor-able road from the main express to the estate
The estate have electricity provision already in the estate that the residents are using presently
The estate have water provision in the estate
The estate have good interlocking road within the estate

The estate have good water drainage system that channel the water when it rain
The estate have all ready build structures of 3 bedroom detached,3 bedroom semi detached and 2 bedroom semi detached ready for sale
The housing unit in the estate is all built,painted and make ready for use
The estate have fence round the estate,making it safe for resident to live
The estate have houses built in the environment, making the estate located in already developed environment
The estate still have land for anyone interested in owing land in the estate
The title on the estate is C of O

It is just 5min drive from the main express in from of MFM prayer city magboro.
From Lagos (ikeja) to wemabond estate magboro is #15min drive.
The estate have security post with security at the entrance of the estate.
Here is the opportunity to own your own house and also opportunity for you to stop paying rent to your landlord.

The price for 3 bedroom detached is #20m
The price for 3 bedroom semi detached is #16m
The prince for 2 bedroom semi detached is #15m
PLOT OF LAND IS #10M inside the wemabod estate.

Installment-al payment
3 bedroom 12 month 18m
3 bedroom 24 month 20m
3 bedroom 36 month 24m
4 bedroom Duplex off plan same location 40m ,36 month installment

For more details contact
Mr richard 08024995989 call & whatsapp
Visit my personal facebook page.livingcoastglobalproperties
Posted May 5, 2019, 2:53 pm

Livingcoast social media and advertising agency is an organization established to help business owners in Nigeria to market, grow and to increase sales of your products and services.
Alots of Nigerian are into business,selling of products and offering services hoping to make sales and increase customers but unfortunately there is little or no sales.

That is why you need training to help your business succeeded
All businesses have moved online and social media is the strongest marketing platform presently in the world that can be use to market and advertise your business that will attract sales and increase customers.
A lot of business owners have websites,social media platform such,Facebook,Instagram,twitter,YouTube,yet they are not making sales,low customers.

Alots of business owners have many followers and like on their social media yet no sales.
Many business owners have their products and services on social media,yet no sales.
The question is,why are people are not buying your products and services, while other business owners are making sales.
It shows there is somethings these business owners are doing,you are not doing untill you do these things then there will be turn around in your business.

Many business owners had gone for training,on social media marketing and advertisement yet no sales.
Many business owners have websites ,face book,Instagram,you-tube and other social media platform yet no sales
If you are frustrated and you want to close down your business,owing to lack of sales then living coast marketing and advertising agency is here to help you,create new modern working creative marketing and adverting strategy that will attract more customers and increase your sales of your products and services.
Here are some mistakes alots of business owners are making that is limiting people from patronizing your products and services
1)Trying to force your products and services on people

2)When you don’t have compelling contents on your marketing and sales adverts.
3)when you use images that do not attracts the customers on your social media platform.
4)when your social media platform is not well organized,no details about your products and services.
5)when people don’t trust you and your products and services
6)when your marketing and advertisement is not emotionally attached to your products and services.
7)lack of good communication skills,in marketing and relating with customers

Note:People buy base on emotion and any marketing you are doing that you are not attaching emotion to it, will make little or no sales.
In my training,that will be base on my practical experience in marketing,adverting,sales and closing in business in different sector of Nigeria economy.
I will be training you on various skills that you must learn that will help you in your business that will lead to transformation.
You will be learning the master creative marketing,sales and closing strategy, for your business that will attracts customers and increase sales.
We are open for training and partnership in any business that need marketing that will ,increase customers and sales.
We also do staff training for marketers and sales rep.
People are constantly looking for solution to various problem and what they will use to solve various problem are products and services and that is business for you.

It is only products and services that can be use to solve various problem and if you are selling products and services then you are a problem solver then you have customers looking for you.
If you are interested get in-touch with Director Richard on 08024995989 call and whats-app 24/7
Posted May 5, 2019, 2:57 pm
You are welcome to living-coast entertainment,we are entertainment company that is established to help up coming and talented artist to become super start and celebrities in the music industry and entertainment industry.

A lot of up coming artists and gifted talented young people do have various challenges that tend to discourage them.
Living coast objectives is here to help ,up coming artists(circular and gospel ),comedian,actors ,actress and motivational speakers to show their gift to the world.

Here are some challenges many up coming artists and gifted people are passing through.
1)Lack of publicity for their gift
2)Lack of good marketing and advertisement .
3)Lack of sponsor
4)Lack of finance to promote their talent and gift
5)How to get endorsement
6)Lack of platform to show case their talent and lots more challenges.

Living-coast entertainment is here to provide creative strategy to help you get to the top of your career as talented artists.
We are here to help you develop that talent in you, take you from where you are to the next level of your career and show to the world.
your talent is like a seed and inside your seed is the tree and it is only the seed that grow into tree that can bring out fruits.
Many talented and gifted up coming artists are trapped inside a seed of their greatness.
Your gift as up coming artists(circular & gospel),comedian,actor ,actress and motivational speaker can take you around the world and transform your life to greatness.

If you need the assistance and deal with living-coast entertainment ,
Get in-touch with Mr Richard 08024995989 call and whats-app
Office:2A Iyalla street ikeja lagos.

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